The simplest way to begin turning around the economy, strengthen your community, and expand your bank account without sacrificing a thing!



Small businesses are struggling to get your attention. Rally with ONEMOVEMENT® (OM) and help save small businesses and non-profits billions of dollars in advertising annually. You get that warm fuzzy feeling and they create new jobs. 



See a Paper Plate displayed in front of a business, show them yours (Plate, Pic or App)  to get a Great Deal! No Advanced Payment Requirements. No Coupons. No Pre-Planning Rituals. No Hassle! 



It’s no secret. More of the money you spend at a small business stays in the community. That’s money going towards the opening of new parks, refurbishing old buildings, improving law enforcement and making your town a nicer place to live. It’s a No-Brainer.

Fueling the Success of Small Business and Community is Now a Reality Game and You’re Guaranteed Win!

Want to instantly identify your business as Woman Owned? Put a pink sticker on your OM Paper Plate. It’s that simple!

Customize your OM Paper Plate anyway you like and raise additional awarness to what you care about most and We’ll Help Too!

It’s Your World. Be Active!™

The Paper Plate Project™ 

The Paper Plate Project is such a great way for our business to easily let others know that we are a local business that supports our local community.  When customers see the Paper Plate, they will ask about what it is and what it means.  It is a conversation starter.  What a great idea!

Maria Crimi Speth
Jayburg | Wilk
Attorneys at Law

Hi, a brief comment about The Paper Plate Project from

This simple movement is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with local customers. Your Success is driven by your passion for great selling. Get involved, watch your business grow. This strategy will jump start and convert customers.

Wayne Schmidt
Pristine Pool and Spa Services

As a Winnerpreneur®

I support my success, the success of my family, friends, community and country. I also support the success of our friends around the world.

The Economy is You, Me and Us… So is (OM) and The Paper Plate Project (THE PPP) Have Fun With It!

Your Voice. Your Message. Your World.™

Solutions, Not Suggestions!

When You Combine 7 Years of Marketing and Economic Research with Our Founder’s Willingness to Invest in Your Success… You Get and The Paper Plate Project™ Benefiting You, Me and Us Because Together We’re Powerful Beyond Measure! 

Join and its members on this amazing new adventure putting to good use solutions that not only change the way we see the world but experience it for good. No hype. No disappointment.

The Moment You Say That’s What You Want, It Works!

This truly is… Prosperity Worth Spreading®