The Paper Plate Project® beta is live in Your city. Congratulations, You've Already Won!

Life's better when you win and whether you’re in business for yourself or you’re working hard for someone else, we’re all in this together. Join and The Paper Plate Project® on an epic new adventure rallying to ignite the success of local businesses and your community. Special Bonus: Get a lifetime of new cash savings, opportunities, and rewards just for playing the game.

Local businesses are like children, it takes a village to raise them. -Lewis S. Lewis founder and director of (OM) and The Paper Plate Project® (THE PPP)

Discover Why The Paper Plate Project® is a Groundbreaking Social Economic Solution™ That Directly Affects You! 

You may have all the confidence in the world, still, it’s easy to fall into the belief that you don’t have the power to change the things you’re unsatisfied with.

It can feel like there are so many more people and organizations out there with More Power… More Influence… More Money… More Control… Leaving you wondering how to create the changes you want to see in the world.

Imagine being powerful enough to create MASSIVE positive change.

Take advantage of the simplest solution ever created to begin turning our economies around, strengthening your community and expanding your wallet without sacrificing a thing. Then leverage Your Voice United™ with the ONEMOVEMENT® community to create the positive changes you’d like to see in surprisingly simple, engagingly fun and profitable new ways, together.

…With (OM) & The Paper Plate Project® (THE PPP) it’s easier than you think…

The Paper Plate Project® (THE PPP)


1- Save Your Local Businesses

If you've never been in business for yourself, you may not realize small businesses, non-profit organizations, and independent professionals often struggle to get your attention due to the competitive nature and high cost of advertising and marketing. It's not your fault and ONEMOVEMENT's first pilot program, The Paper Plate Project®, and your participation fixes this forever.

2- Get Rewarded Whenever You Shop

See an Paper Plate and show them yours or a picture of one saved on your mobile device and instantly get an exclusive deal extended to our ONEMOVEMENT members. Now small businesses can offer cash savings of 10% off or better, exclusive deals, and/or rewarding surprises as a way of saying, ``Thank you for choosing to support them without hurting their bottom line.`` NO PRE-PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS, NO CREDIT CARDS, NO HASSLES!

3- Strengthen Your Economy!

We all know the success of small business is important to the success of our economy and small business needs our help right now. With The Paper Plate Project®, You are the one giving them the gift of new customers and security faster, easier, and more efficiently than they can do for themselves just by playing the game.

EXAMPLE: This is crazy! When less than 10 out of every 100 American adults, like you, want to strengthen the economy, never miss a deal again, and have more of a say in what future policies are handed down, the decision to make a purchase of $25 at New to You businesses displaying the Paper Plate™ each month (Instead of a Nationwide Chain You Already Know About.) is easy peasy. Results: You're helping to generate well over $1,000,000,000.00 in new sales and cash savings annually in America alone as we all discover and implement new solutions that have us winning together for generations to come.

WORLDWIDE RESULTS: It's Like New Found Money Going Directly To You, the Small Businesses You Choose, and the Communities They Serve Where it Does the Best Good and Although the End Numbers Will Be Different From Country to Country, the Formula Doesn't Change. You Win, Small Business Wins, and We All Win Together.

Think that will make for some happier people, create a few new jobs and a new world of opportunities for us all? Of course, it will, and imagine this... We're just getting started together and we're already Depression Proofing America And The Free World.™ without sacrificing a thing.

Fuel The Success of Local Businesses With, They Will Surprise and Support You Forever!

Sign Up Now And Share a Lifetime of New Cash Savings, Opportunities, and Rewards™ With Your Friends and Favorite Local Businesses! It Costs Nothing But It Can Mean Everything!

Maria Crimi Speth

Attorney at Law, Jaburg | Wilk

The Paper Plate Project is such a great way for our business to easily let others know we are a local business that supports our local community. When customers see the Paper Plate, they will ask about what it is and what it means. It is a conversation starter. What a great idea!

Wayne Schmidt

Owner, Pristine Pool and Spa Services

Hi, a brief comment about The Paper Plate Project and

This simple movement is revolutionizing the way businesses can interact with local customers. Your success is driven by your passion for great selling. Get involved, watch your business grow. This strategy will jump start and convert customers.

Cosette ``Coco`` Leary

Owner, From Welfare to the Whitehouse

For me as a Small Business Owner (SBO) marketing is always a challenge. The Paper Plate Project is a fantastic tool that puts me more in charge of my marketing reach, allows me to support other SBO's, and foster a genuine sense of community at the same time!

The Groundbreaking New Way to Increase Your Influence, Create New Relationships, and Inspire the World!

Enjoy The Benefits That Go Along With This Ridiculously Fun & Simple to Implement Social Economic Solution™ Changing the Way Small Businesses Can Do Business Outside of a Costly, Competitive, and Increasingly Crowded Marketplace Forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you were to ask somebody how they felt about the economy, chances are you will be bombarded with different negative responses and feelings of hopelessness. People complain about the economy as though it’s a condition that lies beyond reach. But ONEMOVEMENT® doesn’t buy into that grim circumstance.

Instead, we believe that today is the perfect time to celebrate you, our communities and our small businesses in engagingly fun and profitable new ways.

Here’s a little secret: The economy isn’t something that controls or deprives us from enjoying a better life. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The economy is you, me and the deli owner you discovered around the corner that makes your favorite sandwich just the way you like it, or the corner smoothie and juice bar, or the dress shop owner who calls you when she discovers the perfect dress for your son’s upcoming wedding.

The same can be said for your local dentists, real estate agents, plumbers, therapists, consultants, authors, artists, and entertainers… The list goes on and on.

A strong local economy is built on relationships, loyalty, engagement, and integrity. And despite what you may believe – you have total control over it.

Choosing the paper plate as the emblem to represent ONEMOVEMENT’s first pilot program was a no-brainer because it already reminds us of good times, friend and family gatherings, community events, and celebrations.

The (OM) Paper Plate™ itself stands for what you and small businesses bring to the table. It’s a symbol of mutual respect and support for one another in very real and rewarding new ways.

When displayed, the Paper Plate™ serves as a constant reminder of what we’re capable of accomplishing together.

It’s also easy to spot from across the street. 🙂

Yes! We realize you may feel there’s no amount of creativity, sense of humor or personalization of the Paper Plate that will properly reflect your business’s image or reputation.

Therefore, rather than letting that keep you from participating and demonstrating your support for local businesses, your community, and the people you serve, you will have the option to display an easily identifiable Official Certificate in its stead.

Get access to instant cash savings of 10% or better, exclusive rewards and or other surprisingly rewarding incentives whenever you visit a different ONEMOVEMENT (OM) business displaying their OM Paper Plate. Sounds cool right?


As a consumer with The Paper Plate Project (THE PPP), you can take credit for igniting the economy in your community because the purchasing choices you make every day have the power to change the direction of today’s commerce.

When you commit to support a different ONEMOVEMENT business each month, you are literally changing the way small businesses can do business outside of a costly, competitive, and increasingly crowded marketplace forever thus making you a real-world hero and Winnerpreneur®


Take part in this Global Community Partner Project™ by making a purchase at a different ONEMOVEMENT® business each month. Look up from the sidewalk or your cell phone to spot different Paper Plate businesses looking to serve you and You will be rewarded for the rest of your life!

The Paper Plate Project is designed to connect you with local businesses who offer quality products and services to fit your lifestyle.

When small businesses struggle, the local economy is stifled. If you’re fed up with competing against the big marketing budgets of larger businesses and would like to compliment everything you’re currently doing on and off the web, & The Paper Plate Project were designed for you.

The Paper Plate Project® focus is uniting you, our readers with writers, businesses with consumers, and entertainers with loyal raving fans and we’re doing it with unprecedented resources, connections and results.


True impact begins when the first ONEMOVEMENT member approaches you to make a purchase. Once that connection is made the ball is in your court and you have the opportunity to do what you normally do to make them fall in love with you.

We’re all in this together and fueling the success of small businesses and our communities is the primary focus of the Paper Plate customers, clients, patients and the soon to be raving fans we’re sending your way.

How you decide to reward them is entirely up to you. The Paper Plate Project® costs you nothing and it’s raising the awareness of the public to just how vital your success is to the success of your community and our economy.

Your participation in’s upcoming live directory and events are also an option left completely up to you and as an early adopter with The Paper Plate Project®, you will be receiving special early incentive options to join us that other businesses will not be privy to.

It’s time we unite together to thrive together because represents a roadmap to prosperity that’s never existed before for small businesses and the general public.

There’s no question, with’s You Benefit First Formulas and Strategies™, Prosperity Does Begin at Home With You and Your Business.

Don't Have a Storefront? No Worries... ONEMOVEMENT's Directory and APP Are Coming Soon.

Uniting Readers With Writers, Businesses With Consumers, and Entertainers With New Raving Fans™

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