Here are some common questions about ONEMOVEMENT.com and The Paper Plate Project®

Is an actual paper plate required?

Nope! As a consumer, you're not required to have an actual ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate with you... Although we can think of a lot of great reasons to have one.

Simply download the ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate Picture on your phone or mobile device for easy display. (You can download it by clicking here!)

If you're a business, Yes! It's a good idea to display the ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate wherever your potential customers are looking.

The ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate is a symbol of community unity and serves as a constant reminder of what you, me, and us are capable of accomplishing together.

BUSINESS NOTE: If the ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate itself just DOESN'T fit your brand image, there's a simple way to show your support without using the actual paper plate.

Official ONEMOVEMENT.com Winnerpreneur® Certification Awards can be framed and displayed to show your support for potential customers, local businesses, and community. 

Note: The Actual ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate is a great icebreaker and conversation starter! 

Why a paper plate?

The paper plate reminds us of picnics and friends, community gatherings and celebrations!

The ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate represents community unity and when displayed it's a constant reminder of what you, me and us are capable of accomplishing together at home and all around the world.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at itsonemovement@gmail.com or call us at
+1 855 41-WORLD (Of Opportunity) 96753

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response. Unfortunately, not all messages will be responded to. Thank you for understanding!

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