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Affiliate Programs are a great way to add an additional income stream. 

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We pay you a commission for every eligible ONEMOVEMENT Business Directory purchased through your affiliate link once it goes live. 

Affiliates earn steady commissions by simply using free Social Media Tools like Twitter, Facebook, and simple web pages and blogs. 

Benefits of Joining the 2 Tier Affiliate Program
You get paid 25% commission on every Honorary Business you refer to ONEMOVEMENT.com that upgrades their membership to the paid Online Business Directory membership.

You will also get paid 25% for anyone they refer that upgrades to our paid ONEMOVEMENT.com Online Business Directory Membership.

Get fast and reliable ongoing affiliate payment after 90 days from the Point of Sale date.

Help Nonprofits and Small Businesses INCREASE Their Sales, Profits, Get Return Buyers, and Get MORE Soon To Be Loyal Raving Fans! 

" The Paper Plate Project is such a great way for our business to easily let others know we are a local business that supports our local community. When customers see the Paper Plate, they will ask about what it is and what it means. It's a conversation starter. What a great idea!"  Maria Crimi Speth Jayburg | Wilk Attorney at Law
Winning Together Doesn't Get Any Simpler!
For the rest of your life, every time you see a ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate, you'll know it is there because of you!
Share, Like, & Prosper™
        After You Sign Up...You Will Get Access To Our Exclusive Private Partner Program With The Tools (Coming Soon) To Help You Get Started Right Away!  Its FREE TO REFER!
Share, Like & Prosper ...It Really Is That Simple!
Earning real recurring income with our Global Community Partner Program Is As Easy As Adding 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 to Equal 10. Did you notice you've never noticed that before either? 
1. Share
Surprise small businesses with the gift of real paying customers and financial security easier, faster, and more efficiently than they can do for themselves, by introducing them to The Paper Plate Project®
2. Get Credit for Your Referral
Get credit for your referal by having the Business Owner use your personally tracked referal link back to ONEMOVEMENT.com  

3. Get Paid! 
When they join ONEMOVEMENT.com and upgrade their membership to our online directory... You WIN, they WIN, and the community they serve WINS where it does the best good.

What People Are Saying
Just think, every time you see a ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate, you're going to know that it's there because of you!
The Paper Plate Project is such a great way for our business to easily let others know we are a local business that supports our local community. When customers see the Paper Plate, they will ask about what it is and what it means. It's a conversation starter. What a great idea!

Maria Crimi Speth
Jayburg | Wilk
Attorney at Law
Hi, a brief comment about The Paper Plate Project and ONEMOVEMENT.com. This simple movement is revolutionizing the way businesses can interact with local customers. Success is driven by your passion for great selling and serving your community.

Get involved, watch your business grow. This strategy will jump start and convert customers.

Wayne Schmidt Business Owner
Pristine Pool and Spa Services
As a Small Business Owner, The Paper Plate Project is a fantastic tool that puts me more in charge of my marketing. It allows me to get attention to my business, support other small businesses and foster a genuine sense of community at the same time!

Cosette "Coco" Leary
Business Owner
From Welfare to the White House
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