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Join Us In Surprising Your Local Businesses With The Gift of New Customers and Financial Security For Life... 
  • It's Simple
  •   It's Powerful
  •  It's Easy To Implement
  •  It Brings Prosperity Home
  •  It Strengthens Your Local Economy 
  •  It Can Put More Money In Your Pocket
  •  It Keeps More Money In Your Pocket 
  •  It Costs Nothing But It Can Mean Everything 
  •  It A New World Of Opportunity For Us All
  •  It's New Connections Everywhere You Go
  •  It Unites Us And Makes Us Stronger Together
  •  It Gives You A Powerful Voice In The Marketplace 
  •  It's The Simplest Yes Or No Decision You'll Ever Make Without Sacrificing A Thing
    We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. -Albert Einstein
    If you already support local business, love the idea of getting rewarded whenever you shop, and aren't afraid to show it...

    Don't miss out on becoming an early-adopter in this world-wide tribute to you and those you care about most.

    Click The Button Below And You're In The Game!
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    Prosperity Worth Spreading®
    With and The Paper Plate Project® consumers and small business owners, like you, hold an unprecedented power to not only influence commerce but profit from those relationships. Share this with everyone you know.
    Why Are We Doing This? Because Small And Non-Profit Businesses Are Struggling And Life's Better When YOU Win! 
    Rather than trying to buck the entire advertising and marketing industry for its shortcomings… Now you can disrupt and enhance it at the same time. Join us in sharing The Paper Plate Project® Solution and you will instantly make shopping local an engaging, rewarding, and profitable experience for us all.

    -Lewis S. Lewis
    Founder and President and The Paper Plate Project®
    We all know cash is energy... And it's hard to be depressed when you're winning and feeling good.
    What's the simplest and most rewarding solution to... Laying the groundwork for a strong economy you have the ability to control?

    Shop and share a different local business each month and get rewarded with new cash savings, opportunities and rewards just for playing the game!

    Imagine a ground-breaking step by step strategy to turning around the economy, strengthening your community, and expanding your bank account without sacrificing a thing. 

    All noble causes right?

    This concrete, actionable solution lays the groundwork for a strong economy you, me, and us have the ability to control in an engaging and profitable new way.'s overall focus is on creating a like minded global community of Action Takers and Doers, if you will, wanting to implement simple solutions like The Paper Plate Project that improve your everyday life.

    Real-Life Solutions that not only Promise to Bring More Money, More Time, and More Freedom Into Your Life, they also solve local and global challenges you care about at the same time.

    The Paper Plate Project Solution empowers you and our communities to begin building a better world together and It Works Because You Say So. Nobody else's permission is required. 

    Imagine being part of this groundbreaking community from the start and having the world team with you to ignite local business success.

    Do you think some of that Goodwill will rub off on you? We guarantee it will as you're positioning yourself to raise attention to challenges you want fixed next.

    Join us in Surprising Your Local Businesses with the Gift of New Paying Customers and Business Security for Life... Once you do, Your World Will Take On An Entirely New Shade Of Awesome! 

    This First Step Together as ONEMOVEMENT® on Changes the Way Small Businesses Can Do Business So They Can Begin To Thrive Again and Create New Jobs Again. It's That Simple!  
    What do our early members have to say?
    #OMANDTHEPPP | Connecting The World With You®

    The Paper Plate Project is such a great way for our business to easily let others know we are a local business that supports our local community. When customers see the Paper Plate, they will ask about what it is and what it means. It's a conversation starter. What a great idea!

    Maria Crimi Speth
    Jayburg | Wilk
    Attorney at Law

    As a Small Business Owner (SBO) The Paper Plate Project is a fantastic tool that puts me more in charge of my marketing. It allows me to support other SBO's and foster a genuine sense of community at the same time!

    Cosette "Coco" Leary
    Business Owner
    From Welfare to the White House

    Hi, a brief comment about The Paper Plate Project and

    This simple movement is revolutionizing the way businesses can interact with local customers. Your success is driven by your passion for great selling.

    Get involved, watch your business grow. This strategy will jump start and convert customers.


    Wayne Schmidt
    Business Owner
    Pristine Pool and Spa Services

    The Paper Plate Project® Solution
    It's Simple, It's Powerful, and It Works Because You Say So. Let's Amplify The Love™ AND Get Rewarded Every Step of The Way!
    Because ...Life's Better When YOU Win™

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